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Company Policy for Gender Equality

BSISTEMI S.p.A. is committed to supporting the values of diversity, inclusion, and gender equality through the adoption of corporate, organizational, and managerial mechanisms aimed at respecting the rights, freedoms, and dignity of individuals. In particular, our company has implemented a management system according to the requirements specified by the UNI/PdR 125 standard. Indeed, the company operates in accordance with the guidelines of the UNI/PdR 125:2022 standard through an approach based on impartiality and does not tolerate any form of direct or indirect, multiple and interconnected discrimination related to gender, age, orientation, and sexual identity, disability, health status, ethnic origin, nationality, political opinions, social category, and religious faith. Additionally, it promotes conditions that enable the removal of cultural, organizational, and material barriers that limit the full expression and complete valorization of individuals within the organization.

BSISTEMI S.p.A. preserves the value of its personnel and promotes the protection of their psychophysical, moral, and cultural integrity through working conditions respectful of individual dignity and behavioral rules.

The D&I policy aims to develop a clear approach in terms of mission, strategies, and active practices to foster a collaborative, supportive work environment open to contributions from all employees in order to increase trust among individuals, customers, and, in general, civil society in compliance with the 7 principles of Women’s Empowerment:

  1. Establish a corporate culture and management that aim for gender equality.
  2. Fair treatment of men and women in the workplace – maintaining and promoting Human Rights and non-discrimination.
  3. Ensuring the health, safety, and psychophysical well-being of all workers during their activities.
  4. Promoting personal and professional training and supporting women in their careers.
  5. Promoting entrepreneurial activities by women, recognizing their role in HR, and respecting their dignity in all marketing activities.
  6. Promoting equality through joint initiatives and lobbying activities.
  7. Measuring and publishing all progress made in terms of gender equality in the workplace.

The goal is to promote diversity in all its dimensions to maximize the opportunities arising from it and generate value within work environments, thereby gaining a competitive advantage in business.

This policy reaffirms the company’s commitment to actively respect and disseminate the principles provided by current legislation, contractual provisions, and standards issued by international reference organizations:

  • 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),
  • UN Global Compact and Women’s Empowerment Principles,
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
  • UN Conventions on women’s rights, elimination of all forms of racial discrimination, children’s rights, rights of persons with disabilities,
  • Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and the eight Fundamental Conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO),
  • ILO Convention of June 2019 on violence and harassment.

Diversity is a value that must be protected and encouraged through concrete actions in all organizational and managerial processes by understanding, including, and enhancing the differences of its people. Diversity enriches and opens up to new ideas and initiatives, multiplying the possibilities of generating innovative solutions: individuals from diverse cultures, social and generational backgrounds, abilities, skills, and experiences represent a distinctive value that enables discussion from multiple perspectives and allows for reflecting on and anticipating the needs of customers and reference stakeholders.

BSISTEMI S.P.A.’s commitment is aimed at preserving the value of individuals, ensuring that everyone feels included and can give their best by truly feeling an integral part of society. It is realized through a human resources development and management strategy capable of promoting an inclusive culture to enhance the uniqueness of individuals and access to the same opportunities for professional growth, regardless of the role played in the organization.

Specific operational procedures have been set up regarding personnel management and careers to manage the related areas from a D&I and Gender Equality perspective.

In terms of communication (marketing and advertising activities), BSISTEMI S.P.A. transparently declares its intention to pursue gender equality, value diversity, and support female empowerment.

BSISTEMI S.P.A. implements a policy aimed at promoting Diversity, Inclusion, and Gender Equality not only internally but also by favoring relationships and commercial partnerships with companies equally committed to Diversity, Inclusion, and Gender Equality issues.

The CEO has identified a competent resource for managing the D&I management system in the figure of the D&I RSG.

Furthermore, to create an active presence in the field of D&I and Gender Equality, the D&I committee is established, composed of the CEO, the PMO function, and the D&I RSG.

To enable communications that protect privacy while allowing for the disclosure of any behavioral anomalies, a specific email address is available:, which can be used by everyone for any reports, with access restricted to the Committee only.

Additionally, a mailbox is set up, located in the office, for anonymous communications in paper format, access to which is restricted to the Committee only.

The list of possible anomalous behaviors reportable to the D&I Committee, an exemplary and non-exhaustive list, may include:

  • Sexually explicit or offensive comments
  • Unwanted advances or sexual requests
  • Touching or physical contact without consent
  • Showing sexually explicit images or materials
  • Sexual threats or blackmail
  • Gender-based bullying or intimidating behavior
  • Expressions of gender bias or stereotypes
  • Lack of respect for personal boundaries
  • Ignoring or minimizing reports of harassment and sexual harassment
  • Professional or economic exploitation based on gender
  • Online sexual harassment or harassment via digital means
  • Discrimination in job assignment or performance evaluation based on gender

The reports, whether sent via internal email or in anonymous paper format, will be available to the D&I Committee, which must activate preliminary and effective investigations.

The findings will not be made public unless required by legal obligations and/or requests from the Italian judicial system.

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